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Deleting Mail From Webmail

Mail stored on the Hosting server can sometimes cause a web site to Exceed the Resource Limits of the Hosting Package. Deleting mail may be necessary to recover space. See Exceeding Resource Limits on how to determine which mailboxes are taking up space.

Mail Client Settings

Sometimes, adjusting mail client settings will fix the problem. If the account is set up as POP3, there is usually an option to “Leave copy of messages on server.” If enabled, this downloads a copy of the message when you check for new mail and leaves a copy on the server. This allows you to check the email account on multiple devices, but can take up space on the server if it’s never deleted. If not needed, unchecking this option There should also be an option to “Remove from server after X days.”

Logging Into Webmail

To access the emails stored on the server:

  • Browse to your domain’s webmail, usually located at http://webmail.domain.ext (replace domain.ext with your domain name).
  • The Username is the full email address.
  • The Password is your email password.

You may need to click on Mail and then Inbox to display the messages.
This is where the messages can be selected and deleted.

Deleting Mail

It is strongly recommended that you first have your mail backed up on your own device before deleting anything from webmail.

If your emails are set up on your device as IMAP rather than POP3, deleting messages from Webmail will also delete the messages on all of your devices.

Click the checkbox next to any messages you wish to delete and click the Delete button.

Deleting messages will place a strike-through on the message indicating that it has been marked for deletion

To complete the removal, you can select Other > Purge Deleted from the menu near the upper-right of the Inbox.

There is an option to select and delete all mail at once from the Inbox.