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General Information

Are there usage limitations?

All of Nexicom’s service plans provide unlimited bandwidth usage, with no caps or hidden limits/fees. However, the Internet speed that you subscribe to will have a direct relation to what you can do online.

As an example, the minimum system requirement for streaming services such as Netflix in High Definition (HD) is 5.0 Mbps. If you only have a 6.0 Mbps connection, most of your bandwidth would be going towards the Netflix video, and that would limit what you can use for the rest of the home.

Common Activities and Minimum Required Speeds

Did you know the CRTC reported in 2019 that almost 1/4 of all households have 3+ mobile devices – important to remember when determining speed requirements since usage is cumulative for every device and user

Activity Minimum Speed Recommended
Netflix 5 Mbps
Streaming – Hulu, Netflix – SD 5 Mbps
Streaming – Hulu, Netflix – HD 10 Mbps
Streaming – Hulu, Netflix – 4K 35 Mbps
Disney+ 5-10 Mbps
Android Box 4 Mbps
Streaming TV shows 5 Mbps
Stream Music 2 Mbps
YouTube 1 Mbps
Gaming 25 Mbps
Email  1 Mbps
Surf Web / Online Shopping 5 Mbps
Play Games Online 3 Mbps min – 15-20 Mbps more seamless
Zoom Calls 1.5 Mbps – upload speed of 1.5 Mbps
Google Meet 3.4 Mbps
Video Calls 8 Mbps
Virtual School 1.5 Mbps – upload speed of 1.5 Mbps
Smart Home 10 Mbps – *for every 12 devices; must be dedicated
Digital Doorbell 2 Mbps
Security Camera 2 – 24 Mbps
IPTV 25 Mbps
Cloud Back-up *upload speeds impacted
Picture Sharing *upload speeds impacted
iTunes 2.5 Mbps

Does Nexicom have a monopoly?

Any other telecommunications company that wants to do business in this area can do so, Nexicom has not, and cannot prevent that. The primary reason other providers have not chosen to provide service in this area is both the low population density of these rural communities, and the prohibitively higher cost of implementing a communications network across larger geographic distances. Because of these factors it is not viewed as an attractive business model, so other companies have chosen not to provide service here as it represents a significantly lower return on investment.

How can I contact you?

We can be contacted by phone, fax, mail, or email using the contact information provided below.

Toll Free Number : 1-888-NEXICOM (639-4266)
Phone Number : (705) 775-NEXI (6394)
Helpdesk Fax Number: (705) 932-2242 or 1-877-634-8148
Customer Service Fax Number:(705) 932-2329

Email Inquiries:
General Information:
Technical Support:
Business Sales:
Cable TV:
Security Systems:

Mailing address: 
Nexicom Inc.
5 King Street E., Millbrook, Ontario, L0A 1G0.

How can we make a payment?

We have several options to make payments convenient for you.

1. SmartHub: Make payments easily and access your account Online or download our SmartHub app 

2. Pay Online: Use the “Pay Now” feature. Use your VISA/Debit or traditional Credit Card; no E-Billing is required. Simply click the button, input in your account number and the last name on the account (or business name) and it will prompt the payment screen. For more information, see How do I make an online payment?

3. Pre-authorized Payments: The easiest way to avoid extra fees, set your payments to pull automatically on your due date from your bank account or credit card.

To set up banking information please call us at 705-775-NEXI (6394) or 1-888-NEXICOM to get started.

To set up Credit Card payments, simply log in to SmartHub. If you need to register for SmartHub, you will find easy instructions  under article How do I set up SmartHub?

4. Online Banking: Set Nexicom up as a payee through your online banking or banking app. Our name for the payee could be listed as ‘Nexicom’ or ‘Nexicom INC’ depending on how the bank set it up.

5. Telephone Banking: Login to your financial institution (Requires your account number and the amount you will be paying)

6. Postal: Mail a cheque for your payment to 5 King St E, PO BOX 1000, Millbrook ON, L0A 1G0. We ask that no cash payments be sent through the mail.

How do I make an online payment?

Log into Smarthub to access your Nexicom account
Click “Pay Now” at All you need is your account number and last name or business name.

Eliminates the need to call and wait on the phone to make a payment, no need to register for SmartHub and less steps than SmartHub if just making a payment.

Some considerations:
1. Can only use CC (includes VISA debits) to pay this way
2. No visibility to see past bills (use SmartHub for this)

Log in with your account number and last name

Enter the amount you are paying

How much does it cost to move my service to a different address?

If you are a Dial-up customer, there is no move of service fee to change to a different address.

If you are a Telephone, DSL Internet, Cable Internet, or Cable Television customer, there is a $50 move of service fee to change to a different address.

If you are a Wireless Internet customer, there is a $149 fee to move to a different address as it will require a new install of our wireless equipment at the new location.

I’ve been told I need more height for my Wireless service, what does that involve?

Nexicom is happy to provide contact information for local Tree and Tower Climbers for you to contact. It is not a service performed by Nexicom staff. If the Nexicom owned equipment that provides your Wireless Service is installed on a tower/tree with the assistance of a Tower/Tree Climber, you are responsible for hiring the Tower/Tree Climber to install, move, replace or remove the equipment.

Nexicom forces us to take a phone we don’t want.

Nexicom is the local service provider in your area (SILEC – Millbrook, Cavan, Ida, Keene, Hiawatha, Lang, and Indian River), which means the lines are owned and operated by Nexicom. We operate in what the CRTC has identified as a high cost serving area. CRTC regulate that Nexicom has an obligation to “stand ready and to serve”. This means that regardless of the location in our exchange, we must have facilities serving each home.  This costs money to build and maintain.  CRTC mandates that basic phone pricing should be similar across the country so rural customers do not pay the full amount it costs to provide this service.  Every Canadian customer pays a portion to a fund that subsidizes those deemed to be in a high cost serving area like ours to keep their rates equitable with those in high density urban areas.  Your phone cost is being subsidized to keep it at this rate. In a non-high cost serving area the Dry Loop is less expensive, but there is no subsidy.

What are your hours of operation?

Please Note: Our Peterborough office is currently closed to the public. The hours listed here will be in effect once we reopen.

Our Customer Service office in Millbrook is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Our Customer Service office in Peterborough is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

Our Customer Service office in Lakefield is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Our Internet Helpdesk is open and taking live phone calls Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, Saturday from 8am to 5pm, and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.


Our Customer Service offices and Internet Helpdesk will be closed for the following Statutory holidays: New Year’s Day, Canada Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

Our Customer Service offices will be closed while our Internet Helpdesk will remain open between the hours of 9am and 5pm for the following Statutory holidays: Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Labour Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

Internet Helpdesk will be open until 4pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Both the Customer Service Team and the Internet Helpdesk operate during regular hours of operation on Truth and Reconciliation and Remembrance Day.


What do I need to provide you with when signing up for service?

When completing a new application we require one form of one of the pieces of ID listed below, Pre-Authorized Payment information (Credit card, Chequing account), and a signature on the application.

Accepted form of ID:

  • Status Cards
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Birth Certificate
  • Ontario ID card
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Gun Licence



Note: Pre-Authorized payment information or a $150 security deposit is required when signing up for services

What does SILEC and CLEC stand for?

SILEC stands for Small Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. A SILEC is a local telephone company which held the regional control on landline service before the market was opened to competitive local exchange carriers, or the corporate successor of such a firm. The geographical areas that comprise Nexicom’s SILEC territory include the rural villages of Millbrook, Cavan, Ida, Keene, Hiawatha, Lang, and Indian River.

CLEC stands for Competitive Local Exchange Carrier. A CLEC is a telephone company that competes with the already established local telephone business by providing its own network and switching.

What Speed do I need?

There are some qualifying questions that will help you determine what speed profile fits your needs best. Consider the following when deciding on which internet package is best for you:
1) How many people in your home?
2) How many total devices including desk top, cell phones, smart appliances, lap top, iPAD, tablet, smart TV, doorbells, E readers etc are in the home?
3) What activities do you do online? Ie gaming, streaming, video calls
4) Do you work from home?
5) Students doing online school? How many?
6) Do you use Netflix? or Disney +?
7) Are you using Wi-Fi?
8) How many devices using Wi-Fi?

Where is your office located?

The Nexicom office locations can be found here:

Why do we require phone in SILEC / Why do we not offer Dry Loop?


Nexicom Inc. does not sell standalone Internet access services to customers in our regulated service areas.  Nexicom requires Internet access customers to subscribe to local telephone service as well.

Internet pricing does not include cost to maintain line:

Our retail Internet access monthly rate covers only the cost of the Internet service, and not the cost of the physical line that carries it to your property.  However, even if we were to remove voice service from the line, Nexicom would still incur costs to operate and maintain that physical line regardless of whether that line is copper or fibre.

Dry Loop:

If we were to offer standalone Internet access service, we would have to assess a charge to cover the expense associated with operating and maintaining the physical line.  This is called a dry loop charge.  Nexicom does not have a dry loop tariff and has not applied to the CRTC to offer such a service.  As dry loops are a regulated telecommunication service, we are not permitted to offer them without an approved tariff.

Less costly than Dry Loop:

Nexicom is a small independent local exchange carrier and as such, the costs to serve all customers throughout our serving area are recognized by the CRTC as high cost. The local rate paid by customers for our services is far less than the cost to serve such rural areas. The reason is that the rural areas are widespread and diverse with low customer density (unlike serving downtown Peterborough). Thus, in rural and sparsely populated serving areas such as Nexicom’s, the full cost of offering a dry loop would exceed the current CRTC approved charge for a rural subsidized dry loop line.

Why does Nexicom prevent other telecommunications services providers (i.e. Bell, Cogeco, Rogers etc.) from coming into our SILEC area to offer their respective services?

Nexicom does not, and can not prevent any provider (i.e. Bell, Cogeco, Rogers) from serving our SILEC areas. Just as Nexicom has chosen to operate as a CLEC in Bell and Cogeco areas, so those organizations could do here. They have chosen not to provide their services in these communities because of the cost to operate in a rural area where customer density is low.

Why doesn’t Nexicom have a Loyalty Department?

Nexicom believes in providing the best price EVERY day to ALL customers. You will never have to waste your time calling in for the latest offer, and you won’t need to worry about a discount expiring because you are always getting the BEST deal possible. You can be assured that all customers are paying the same amount at all times. Note: Only exception is the $10 off for 3 months for new contracts.


How do I set up SmartHub?

1. Navigate to: and click on the New User? Link

2. The New User Registration window will open. The following information will need to be filled in:
• Billing Account Number
• Last Name or Business
• E-Mail Address – this is the address the E-bill notification will be sent to and the login for sign-in
Click Submit

3. Once “Submit” is clicked the following information will appear. You can enter your “Most Recent Bill Amount” and your “Postal Code” or from the drop down select the Security Questions. Once this is completed and the character picture is completed, please click submit.

4. The following screen will appear

5. You will receive an e-mail with your temporary password to the e-mail provided

6. Once you log in for the first time, you will be asked to reset your password. Once this is completed, please click “Submit”

7. Your registration and first login is now complete!


SmartHub compliance

The Payment Gateway that hosts SmartHub undergoes an annual PCI audit which requires minimum security standards to be validated

Why not the Phone?

  • Verbally accepting payments over the phone is NOTpermitted by PCI compliance standards
  • Updating your own credit card information in SmartHub follows industry guidelines for proper handling of credit card payments

What’s makes SmartHub safe?

  • When a consumer uses SmartHub we can ensure encryptionand proper handling of the data
  • When a consumer uses SmartHub, their browser handles all the data in an encrypted session
  • If a consumer uses PayNow for a one-time transaction, thecard is not stored
  • If a consumer signs up for recurring payments, an encrypted token is stored rather than the card number itself
      • That token is used to authorize the recurring payments
  • At no point does the SmartHub environment store the actual card number

SmartHub – View Bill, Pay Bill, View Billing History

SmartHub is a tool that can be utilized by customers to access their account.

Navigate to or go to My Account from the Nexicom web site and click on Nexicom SmartHub


Enter your email address and password

Once in the main SmartHub screen you will see the following:

The red outlined sections indicate the most used options:
“View bill” will pull up a PDF version of the most recent bill
“Pay My Bill” gives the user access to the online payment system
“View Billing History” will provide 3 years of bills in PDF.

You can also update your credit cards online using Auto Pay


Do I need a set-top box for each TV?

yes, a device is required for each tv within your home.

How do I add or change my TV channels?

Please call our Customer Service line at (705) 775-NEXI (6394) for any changes to your existing TV package.

How do I make closed captioning work on my TV?

For IPTV Customers:

Click the CC button located at the bottom left of your remote.
Though there are a handful of CC options, only “Analog CC 1” & “Digital CC 1” will display proper closed captioning. If you miss the option, you can continue to hit the button to go back through the list. To turn off the feature, click the CC button until it displays “CC Off”. To see if the channel itself supports closed captioning (not all do) hit the info button and look for a white icon showing “CC”. If no icon displayed then no closed captioning is available for this channel.


For Digital Cable Customers:

Press the Menu button twice
Select “set up”
Select “closed caption setup”
Press the arrow to the right of the OK button to change from off to on
Then press exit – closed caption will then be turned on

How do I only see the channels I’m subscribed to on my program guide?

For IPTV Customers:

To see your list of Subscribed channels only on your program guide:

Press the Guide button on your remote to bring up the program guide.
Continue pressing the guide button to cycle through your channels lists – the titles of each channel list shows below the picture on the left.
Stop when you hit “Subscribed”. The guide is now showing just your subscribed channels.


For Digital Cable Customers:

Press the menu button
Scroll over to the favourite button (Heart icon)and hit ok/select.
You will be asked if you would like to set up a favourites list – hit the checkmark icon for yes.
Select the Heart icon and scroll through the channels. When on desired channel hit ok/select and a heart icon will appear next to the channel
Select checkmark icon to confirm the channels have been added as favourites.

How long do my DVR recordings stay saved for?

There is no time limit on your recordings however once your DVR nears its maximum percentage of available space, it will prompt you to delete old recordings.

I am experiencing video or audio quality issues, what do I do?

For IPTV Customers:

If your audio does not sync with your video, try the following:

Restart your Set-Top Box by unplugging the power cord located at the back of the unit. Allow device to remain unplugged about 30 seconds before plugging back in. It will then run an automatic update where you will see a spinning load wheel and the Nexicom symbol. This may take a couple minutes to complete.
If you are still experiencing video quality issues, give us a call


For Digital Cable Customers:

If your TV service is cutting in and out, there are a few things you can try before calling us:

Make sure the connection from the coaxial cable to the receiver is “finger tight.” Ensure the other end of the coaxial cable is secure to the wall as well.
If other equipment is connected on the coaxial cable line between the wall and the set top box, try connecting the cable directly from the wall to the set top box.
Make sure the cable (typically an HDMI cable) that runs from your set top box is connected to your TV directly. Having other equipment connected between the set top box and the TV may be the source of the issue.
If you’re using an HDMI cable, unplug the cable at both ends and connect it back again.

If you aren’t able to resolve the issue on your own, please contact technical support (705) 775-NEXI (6394)

My Set-Top Box is asking me for an activation code when it boots up. What do I do?

For IPTV Customers:

Please unplug your Set-Top Box and plug it back in and the message should go away. If you still have issues, please call us at (705) 775-NEXI (6394)

My TV is asking for a password or PIN

If your Set Top Box has re booted or power cycled it may pop up with this screen asking for a password or PIN.

Simply press 1234 on your remote and hit OK. The TV should return to normal. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 705-775-NEXI (6394).

Remote Control Functions

For IPTV Customers:

Q: Why does the LED not blink when a key is pressed?
A: Replace batteries with two new AA

Q: Why does the LED blink when pressed but TV or Set Top Box do not respond?
A: Make sure you are aiming the remote control at your device and that you are within 25 feet or a 30 degree angle of the device you are trying to control.

Q: Why does the LED blink five times with each key press?
A: Replace batteries with two new AA

Q: Why does my remote not control the TV functions?
A: Turn on your TV
Press the TV button at the top of the remote.
Press and hold the setup button at the top of the remote until the LED blinks twice.
Press number keys 9-9-1 then press power button.
Press CH+ button repeatedly until the divide turns off.
Press and hold the setup button until the LED light blinks twice to save your code.


For Digital Cable Customers:

Q: Why does the LED not blink when a key is pressed?
A: Replace batteries with two new AA

Q: Why does the LED blink when pressed but TV or Set Top Box do not respond?
A: Make sure you are aiming the remote control at your device and that you are within 25 feet or a 30 degree angle of the device you are trying to control.

Q: Why does the LED blink five times with each key press?
A: Replace batteries with two new AA

Q: Why does my remote not control the TV functions?
A: Turn on your TV
Press and hold SETUP until the mode key blinks twice.
Press the WATCH CABLE button.
Press each mode button that you wish to turn ON when you watch cable TV.
Press and hold SETUP until the mode key blinks twice. Your new setting is saved.

The guide information says “To Be Announced”

The receiver can take between 30-60 minutes to load after an installation, a power failure or a receiver reset from our technical department.

During this time, the channels themselves should work but the info will read To Be Announced and the menu will be inaccessible until it downloads.

If it has been more than one (1) hour and your guide still says To Be Announced, unplug your Receiver and wait 15 seconds. Plug the power back in and wait 30 minutes before pressing on Guide and Menu, so the information is downloaded correctly.

After 30 minutes, if the guide still says To Be Announced, please call  Technical Support at (705) 775-NEXI (6394).

What can I do if my channels are having issues playing the audio, or the audio is completely missing?

For IPTV Customers:

Please check the following:

Press the Mute button to ensure it is not enabled.
Raise the volume

*important* ensure volume on set top box is at maximum before checking on tv or surround sound audio. Press STB button then volume which will display a blue volume icon on screen.

Check the audio connections.
Check the TV speakers or sound system connections and settings.
Try resetting the receiver by disconnecting the AC power supply (at the wall) for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in. The receiver will initiate a full reset.

Note: If you are using a stereo or surround-sound system, this should also be turned on and the volume and connections checked

This may also be caused by a special feature on stereo TVs and VCRs known as Secondary Audio Programming (SAP), Multichannel Television Sound (MTS), or AUD, and will need to be corrected through the TV or VCR as it is not a function of the receiver. A function button or setting can be found on the remote control or through your on-screen menu.

Refer to your TV or VCR manual for more information, should the proposed action above not work.

If this does not help, please contact us for further troubleshooting.

What do I do if my receiver is frozen/locked and I can’t change the channels?

Like most electronic devices, your receiver generates heat, and if it isn’t well ventilated, it can sometimes overheat, which can cause it to freeze or lock. Your receiver can also be frozen after an electricity outage. The first thing to do if your receiver is frozen is to simply wait a moment to see if it refreshes.

However, if the problem persists and you still can’t change the channels, follow these steps to reset your receiver:

Unplug your receiver from the electrical outlet and wait 15 seconds.
Plug the power back in and wait approximately 60 seconds.
Turn the receiver back on.
If you aren’t able to resolve the issue on your own, please contact technical support.

What is a Set Top Box?

This is a device required for each TV that enables you to access your channels on your TV.

When recording a series, how can I only record NEW episodes?

Scroll through the guide to find the program you would like to record
When you find the program of your choice, press “OK” on your remote
Select “Record Series” from the presented options
Select the box to the right of the heading “Episodes” and change from “All” to “New Only”
Select “OK”

Why are there black bars around my television picture?

Standard TV
If you watch a high definition (HD) program (16:9 ratio) on a standard TV (4:3 ratio), it will place black bars at the top and bottom of the screen where there is no picture. Sometimes an HD channel will show a standard program (with black bars on the sides), so if you are watching on a standard TV, you will see black bars all the way around. If this happens, switch to standard broadcast for that network.

If you watch a standard definition channel on your HD TV, it will place black bars at the sides of the screen where there is no picture. Sometimes a standard channel may show a widescreen program (with black bars at the top and bottom), so if you are watching on your HD TV, you will have black bars all around your screen. Some HD TVs have a zoom function for these programs, so they can be set to fill the screen without distortion.

Why do I have a black screen during a sports game?

Sometimes, due to region restrictions, some programming is blacked out at the organizer’s request because of broadcast rights. Programming could include CFL, NFL or NHL games.

Troubleshooting Errors

My service isn’t working, who do I call for help?

Phone Number : (705) 775-NEXI (6394)
Toll Free Number : 1-888-NEXICOM (639-4266)

What is Error 691?

Error 691 is an authentication error that occurs when either the username or password entered was incorrect.


Things you can try when receiving this error:

  • Retype the username and password
  • Ensure that the username is following the proper format (
  • Make sure your Caps Lock is off when typing the password as it is case sensitive
  • Delete and recreate the connection on the computer

Note: Some dial-up users will need to use the formatting idm/nexicomflat/ for their username.

If the above suggestions don’t work for you or you cannot remember what your username and/or password might be, please give our Internet Helpdesk a call at 1-888-639-4266.

Wi-Fi doesn’t work.

Please contact Nexicom Help Desk at (705) 775-6394, then press #2 to troubleshoot and eliminate any equipment or internet service issues.

The air is shared by all transmitters and transmissions by any device at the same frequency can cause interference. Common causes of Wi-Fi interference include:

  • microwave ovens, car alarms, cordless phones, wireless video cameras and baby monitors.
  • Bad electrical connections can cause broad RF spectrum emissions.

Digital Telephone

How big is a Digital Telephone Adapter?

The Digital Telephone Adapter is about the size of a small telephone book or gaming console. 8” x 11” x 4”.

How is it installed?

This is a self-install unit consisting of 6 easy to follow instructions included in the Set Up Guide.
No field technician is required for set up. Simply stop by one our conveniently located offices to pick up your unit.

What if I have trouble installing my Digital Telephone Adapter?

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Nexicom Helpdesk at 705-775-6394 or 1-888-639-4266, and they would be happy to walk you through it.

What is Digital Telephone?

Digital Telephone (formerly referred to as VoIP) works like a traditional land line phone; however, it is different in that it connects to the Internet, not a telephone line. There are several important factors to consider regarding the impact of this service on your emergency calls.


How long will it take before my DSL service is active?

Generally it takes between 5 and 10 business days from the day we receive the signed application for the line to become active for the DSL service.

Note: When performing a move of service for DSL, it follows the same 5-10 business day timeline as it requires a new order to be placed for the new address. If you let us know far enough in advance, we can do our best to make sure it is active for when you move in.

If I cancel my home phone, will my DSL internet be affected?

As the DSL service operates on the phone line, cancelling your landline phone will cause your DSL service to be removed from the line.

If you are planning on cancelling your phone service, please call us beforehand at 705-775-6394 or toll free at 1-888-639-4266.

What is a “Dry Loop”?

A “Dry loop” is a copper line going to a customer’s house that carries a high-speed data signal without an active dial tone on the line.

As using a “Dry loop” service takes away the ability for phone to be used on that cable pair, the maintenance fees for the lines are no longer covered in the cost of the service so an additional band rate tariff is charged monthly to cover this cost.

What is my wireless password?

Comtrend 3120 or 6895 wireless modem/router: the password for the wireless network is written on the bottom of the modem. For easy reading the password is also printed in larger print on the back of the manual that was included with the modem packaging.

Note: This password is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as it appears on the bottom of the modem.


ZyXEL P-660-HN-51 or ZyXEL VSG1432 wireless modems: the password for the wireless network will be printed on the bottom of the modem on the spot labeled WPA-PSK Key.

Note: This password is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as it appears on the bottom of the modem.


Calix 844e or 844g digital phone adaptors or GPONs: your password for the wireless network will be on the Calix’s label and referred to as the WPA Key. Slide the tabletop base toward the back of the unit to reveal the label.

Note: This password is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as it appears on the bottom of the modem.


Smart R/G SR505n and SR506n: the wireless password is the MAC address written on the label of the modem.

Note: The wireless password must be typed in all lower case.


Comtrend AR-5381u wireless modem: the password for the wireless network is the last 10 characters of the MAC address written on the bottom of the modem.

Note: Any letters that appear in this password must be capitalized. This password will only contain the letters A-F so anything that may look like the letter O is actually the number 0.


If you have your own personal wireless router (D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, etc.), the wireless password would be something that was created during the initial setup of the router and is something that we will not have in our records. The person who performed the setup of your router will be the person who has this information.


What are my email server settings?

If you are using a email address, your mail server settings are as follows:


Server Type – POP or POP3


Incoming Server Name –

Incoming Server Port – 110

SSL – No

Authentication – Password

User name – Your full email address

Password – Your Nexicom password


Outgoing Server Name –

Outgoing Server Port – 587

SSL – No

Authentication – Password

User name – Your full email address

Password – Your Nexicom password


Can I get Wi-Fi without Internet?

Yes. Since Wi-Fi is actually the local connection in your home, you can have a Wi-Fi signal for the devices in your home to connect locally to each other. This would allow them to share files/documents around the home , on the same network. (IE. A wireless printer would be on your local Wi-Fi connection and you could send your documents internally to it without using the Internet).

The important thing to note is that without an Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Nexicom behind the Wi-Fi signal, you will not be able to access external locations, such as Google, Facebook, Netflix etc.

How is Wi-Fi different than Wireless?

Wireless Internet is a type of service that uses radio waves to communicate wirelessly from the location of your home to a tower site equipped with a transmitter/receiver. This technology is used when traditional “hard-wired” methods are not available such as Copper telephone lines, Coaxial cable lines or Fibre lines.

Wi-Fi refers to the local Internet within your home allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly.

Should I supply my own router?

Under normal circumstances, the routers that Nexicom provides are compatible with almost all devices. They are meant to provide the local WiFi signal in your home for your devices to connect to the Internet.

These devices are basically locked down for security purposes, and if you want to take advantage of the handful of special features offered by some router manufacturers, it would be an option to purchase your own. Some very specific features might include Port Forwarding, Quality of Service settings, Range boosting, DMZ settings.

Wi-Fi doesn’t work.

Please contact Nexicom Help Desk at (705) 775-6394, then press #2 to troubleshoot and eliminate any equipment or internet service issues.

The air is shared by all transmitters and transmissions by any device at the same frequency can cause interference. Common causes of Wi-Fi interference include:

  • microwave ovens, car alarms, cordless phones, wireless video cameras and baby monitors.
  • Bad electrical connections can cause broad RF spectrum emissions.

What are the advantages of taking Nexicom Wi-Fi (Router) equipment?

Nexicom routers have been rigorously tested on our network to provide a cost-effective option for customers that require a WiFi signal in their house, without needing to purchase their own router.

If you contact Nexicom with any issues, and it is determined to be an issue with our router, Nexicom will replace the device free of charge.

Our units also provide Nexicom the ability to provide remote access troubleshooting which speeds up issue resolution and service restoration in case of a technical problem.