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Backup your website

Log in to plesk:

If you have a database, click on Databases in the left menu
Click on Export Dump for the database you would like to backup
In the directory list, click on “httpdocs” and click OK

Now click on Files in the left menu
Click on “httpdocs” in the left directory
In the right directory, click on the checkbox beside Name to highlight all files
Click on the Archive dropdown at the top and choose Add to Archive
Give the backup an name and click OK (I would recomment using something with a date like Backup-12-20-2024)
This can take several minutes. When it is complete you will see the backup in the list of files.
Click on the dropdown to the far right of the backup file and choose Download.
Once the download has completed you can put a check next to the file name and choose Remove at the top.