General Information

How can we make a payment?

While Nexicom offices are closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have several options to make payments convenient for you. 1. Pay Online: Use the “Pay Online” feature. Use your VISA/Debit or traditional Credit Card; no E-Billing is required. Simply click the button, input in your account number and the last name on the account (or business name) and it will prompt the payment screen. 2. Online Banking: Set Nexicom up as a payee through your online banking or banking app. Our name for the payee could be listed as ‘Nexicom’ or ‘Nexicom INC’ depending on how the Read more

Why does Nexicom prevent other telecommunications services providers (i.e. Bell, Cogeco, Rogers etc.) from coming into our SILEC area to offer their respective services?

Nexicom does not, and can not prevent any provider (i.e. Bell, Cogeco, Rogers) from serving our SILEC areas. Just as Nexicom has chosen to operate as a CLEC in Bell and Cogeco areas, so those organizations could do here. They have chosen not to provide their services in these communities because of the cost to operate in a rural area where customer density is low.

What does SILEC and CLEC stand for?

SILEC stands for Small Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. A SILEC is a local telephone company which held the regional control on landline service before the market was opened to competitive local exchange carriers, or the corporate successor of such a firm. The geographical areas that comprise Nexicom’s SILEC territory include the rural villages of Millbrook, Cavan, Ida, Mount Pleasant, Keene, Hiawatha, Lang, and Indian River. CLEC stands for Competitive Local Exchange Carrier. A CLEC is a telephone company that competes with the already established local telephone business by providing its own network and switching.

Does Nexicom have a monopoly?

Any other telecommunications company that wants to do business in this area can do so, Nexicom has not, and cannot prevent that. The primary reason other providers have not chosen to provide service in this area is both the low population density of these rural communities, and the prohibitively higher cost of implementing a communications network across larger geographic distances. Because of these factors it is not viewed as an attractive business model, so other companies have chosen not to provide service here as it represents a significantly lower return on investment.

Nexicom forces us to take a phone we don’t want.

Nexicom is the local service provider in your area (SILEC – Millbrook, Cavan, Ida, Mount Pleasant, Keene, Hiawatha, Lang, and Indian River), which means the lines are owned and operated by Nexicom. We operate in what the CRTC has identified as a high cost serving area. CRTC regulate that Nexicom has an obligation to “stand ready and to serve”. This means that regardless of the location in our exchange, we must have facilities serving each home.  This costs money to build and maintain.  CRTC mandates that basic phone pricing should be similar across the country so rural customers do not Read more

Why do we require phone in SILEC / Why do we not offer Dry Loop?

Policy: Nexicom Inc. does not sell standalone Internet access services to customers in our regulated service areas.  Nexicom requires Internet access customers to subscribe to local telephone service as well. Internet pricing does not include cost to maintain line: Our retail Internet access monthly rate covers only the cost of the Internet service, and not the cost of the physical line that carries it to your property.  However, even if we were to remove voice service from the line, Nexicom would still incur costs to operate and maintain that physical line regardless of whether that line is copper or fibre. Read more

Why doesn’t Nexicom have a Loyalty Department?

Nexicom believes in providing the best price EVERY day to ALL customers. You will never have to waste your time calling in for the latest offer, and you won’t need to worry about a discount expiring because you are always getting the BEST deal possible. You can be assured that all customers are paying the same amount at all times. Note: Only exception is the $10 off for 3 months for new contracts.

Are there usage limitations?

All of Nexicom’s service plans provide unlimited bandwidth usage, with no caps or hidden limits/fees. However, the Internet speed that you subscribe to will have a direct relation to what you can do online. As an example, the minimum system requirement for streaming services such as Netflix in High Definition (HD) is 5.0 Mbps. If you only have a 6.0 Mbps connection, most of your bandwidth would be going towards the Netflix video, and that would limit what you can use for the rest of the home.

What is Digital Telephone?

Digital Telephone (formerly referred to as VoIP) works like a traditional land line phone; however, it is different in that it connects to the Internet, not a telephone line. There are several important factors to consider regarding the impact of this service on your emergency calls.

What do I need to provide you with when signing up for service?

When completing a new application we require one form of one of the pieces of ID listed below, Pre-Authorized Payment information (Credit card, Chequing account), and a signature on the application. Accepted form of ID: Status Cards Driver’s Licence Birth Certificate Ontario ID card Passport Military ID Gun Licence     Note: Pre-Authorized payment information or a $150 security deposit is required when signing up for services