Nexicom is the local service provider in your area (SILEC – Millbrook, Cavan, Ida, Keene, Hiawatha, Lang, and Indian River), which means the lines are owned and operated by Nexicom. We operate in what the CRTC has identified as a high cost serving area. CRTC regulate that Nexicom has an obligation to “stand ready and to serve”. This means that regardless of the location in our exchange, we must have facilities serving each home.  This costs money to build and maintain.  CRTC mandates that basic phone pricing should be similar across the country so rural customers do not pay the full amount it costs to provide this service.  Every Canadian customer pays a portion to a fund that subsidizes those deemed to be in a high cost serving area like ours to keep their rates equitable with those in high density urban areas.  Your phone cost is being subsidized to keep it at this rate. In a non-high cost serving area the Dry Loop is less expensive, but there is no subsidy.