Errors and Troubleshooting

Wi-Fi doesn’t work.

Please contact Nexicom Help Desk at (705) 775-6394, then press #2 to troubleshoot and eliminate any equipment or internet service issues. The air is shared by all transmitters and transmissions by any device at the same frequency can cause interference. Common causes of Wi-Fi interference include: microwave ovens, car alarms, cordless phones, wireless video cameras and baby monitors. Bad electrical connections can cause broad RF spectrum emissions.

What is Error 691?

Error 691 is an authentication error that occurs when either the username or password entered was incorrect.   Things you can try when receiving this error: Retype the username and password Ensure that the username is following the proper format ( Make sure your Caps Lock is off when typing the password as it is case sensitive Delete and recreate the connection on the computer Note: Some dial-up users will need to use the formatting idm/nexicomflat/ for their username. If the above suggestions don’t work for you or you cannot remember what your username and/or password might be, please give Read more