DSL Questions

How long will it take before my DSL service is active?

Generally it takes between 5 and 10 business days from the day we receive the signed application for the line to become active for the DSL service. Note: When performing a move of service for DSL, it follows the same 5-10 business day timeline as it requires a new order to be placed for the new address. If you let us know far enough in advance, we can do our best to make sure it is active for when you move in.

If I cancel my home phone, will my DSL internet be affected?

As the DSL service operates on the phone line, cancelling your landline phone will cause your DSL service to be removed from the line. If you are planning on cancelling your phone service, please call us beforehand at 705-775-6394 or toll free at 1-888-639-4266.

What is my wireless password?

Comtrend 3120 or 6895 wireless modem/router: the password for the wireless network is written on the bottom of the modem. For easy reading the password is also printed in larger print on the back of the manual that was included with the modem packaging. Note: This password is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as it appears on the bottom of the modem.   ZyXEL P-660-HN-51 or ZyXEL VSG1432¬†wireless modems: the password for the wireless network will be printed on the bottom of the modem on the spot labeled WPA-PSK Key. Note: This password is case sensitive and must Read more

What is a “Dry Loop”?

A “Dry loop” is a copper line going to a customer’s house that carries a high-speed data signal without an active dial tone on the line. As using a “Dry loop” service takes away the ability for phone to be used on that cable pair, the maintenance fees for the lines are no longer covered in the cost of the service so an additional band rate tariff is charged monthly to cover this cost.