Can I get Wi-Fi without Internet?

Yes. Since Wi-Fi is actually the local connection in your home, you can have a Wi-Fi signal for the devices in your home to connect locally to each other. This would allow them to share files/documents around the home , on the same network. (IE. A wireless printer would be on your local Wi-Fi connection and you could send your documents internally to it without using the Internet). The important thing to note is that without an Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Nexicom behind the Wi-Fi signal, you will not be able to access external locations, such as Google, Facebook, Read more

How is Wi-Fi different than Wireless?

Wireless Internet is a type of service that uses radio waves to communicate wirelessly from the location of your home to a tower site equipped with a transmitter/receiver. This technology is used when traditional “hard-wired” methods are not available such as Copper telephone lines, Coaxial cable lines or Fibre lines. Wi-Fi refers to the local Internet within your home allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly.

Should I supply my own router?

Under normal circumstances, the routers that Nexicom provides are compatible with almost all devices. They are meant to provide the local WiFi signal in your home for your devices to connect to the Internet. These devices are basically locked down for security purposes, and if you want to take advantage of the handful of special features offered by some router manufacturers, it would be an option to purchase your own. Some very specific features might include Port Forwarding, Quality of Service settings, Range boosting, DMZ settings.

Wi-Fi doesn’t work.

Please contact Nexicom Help Desk at (705) 775-6394, then press #2 to troubleshoot and eliminate any equipment or internet service issues. The air is shared by all transmitters and transmissions by any device at the same frequency can cause interference. Common causes of Wi-Fi interference include: microwave ovens, car alarms, cordless phones, wireless video cameras and baby monitors. Bad electrical connections can cause broad RF spectrum emissions.

What are the advantages of taking Nexicom Wi-Fi (Router) equipment?

Nexicom routers have been rigorously tested on our network to provide a cost-effective option for customers that require a WiFi signal in their house, without needing to purchase their own router. If you contact Nexicom with any issues, and it is determined to be an issue with our router, Nexicom will replace the device free of charge. Our units also provide Nexicom the ability to provide remote access troubleshooting which speeds up issue resolution and service restoration in case of a technical problem.