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SmartHub compliance

The Payment Gateway that hosts SmartHub undergoes an annual PCI audit which requires minimum security standards to be validated

Why not the Phone?

  • Verbally accepting payments over the phone is NOTpermitted by PCI compliance standards
  • Updating your own credit card information in SmartHub follows industry guidelines for proper handling of credit card payments

What’s makes SmartHub safe?

  • When a consumer uses SmartHub we can ensure encryptionand proper handling of the data
  • When a consumer uses SmartHub, their browser handles all the data in an encrypted session
  • If a consumer uses PayNow for a one-time transaction, thecard is not stored
  • If a consumer signs up for recurring payments, an encrypted token is stored rather than the card number itself
      • That token is used to authorize the recurring payments
  • At no point does the SmartHub environment store the actual card number