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For IPTV Customers:

If your audio does not sync with your video, try the following:

Restart your Set-Top Box by unplugging the power cord located at the back of the unit. Allow device to remain unplugged about 30 seconds before plugging back in. It will then run an automatic update where you will see a spinning load wheel and the Nexicom symbol. This may take a couple minutes to complete.
If you are still experiencing video quality issues, give us a call


For Digital Cable Customers:

If your TV service is cutting in and out, there are a few things you can try before calling us:

Make sure the connection from the coaxial cable to the receiver is “finger tight.” Ensure the other end of the coaxial cable is secure to the wall as well.
If other equipment is connected on the coaxial cable line between the wall and the set top box, try connecting the cable directly from the wall to the set top box.
Make sure the cable (typically an HDMI cable) that runs from your set top box is connected to your TV directly. Having other equipment connected between the set top box and the TV may be the source of the issue.
If you’re using an HDMI cable, unplug the cable at both ends and connect it back again.

If you aren’t able to resolve the issue on your own, please contact technical support (705) 775-NEXI (6394)