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Deleting Mail From Webmail

Mail stored on the Hosting server can sometimes cause a web site to Exceed the Resource Limits of the Hosting Package. Deleting mail may be necessary to recover space. See Exceeding Resource Limits on how to determine which mailboxes are taking up space. Mail Client Settings Sometimes, adjusting mail client settings will fix the problem. If the account is set up as POP3, there is usually an option to “Leave copy of messages on server.” If enabled, this downloads a copy of the message when you check for new mail and leaves a copy on the server. This allows you Read more

Exceeding Resource Limits

Nexicom Web Hosting packages have Disk Space limitations for the amount of data stored on the server. This data includes web site files, emails, databases, and logs. A notification will automatically be emailed to the account holder once the space limit is approaching or has been exceeded. Notification An example of the email notification: <hosting#.nexicom.net> Notification: Resource usage by subscription has exceeded the allotments. The ‘domain.ext’ subscription, owned by user ‘Subscriber Name’, is approaching or already exceeded the resource usage limits: Disk space: 1 GB limit / 1029.4 MB (101%) used / 0 MB (0%) remaining Disk Space Usage To Read more

Hosting Email Setup

These are the general mail server settings for email accounts included in our web hosting packages (not @nexicom.net accounts). These would need to be entered in your mail client. Incoming Mail Server: Host Name – mail.yourdomainname.comUser Name – Your full email addressPassword – Your email passwordPort – Depending on account typed used – POP is 110 or IMAP is 143SSL – off Outgoing Mail Server: Host Name – mail.yourdomainname.comUser Name – Your full email addressPassword – Your email passwordPort – 587SSL – offAuthentication is required

Hosting Email Setup In Thunderbird

POP3 Instructions These instructions apply to Thunderbird version 68.6.0. They should be similar to other versions of Thunderbird.   1. Click the Thunderbird Menu icon. It looks like three horizontal lines at the top right. 2. Click New. 3. Click Existing Mail Account. 4. Fill in the fields with the corresponding information: Your name – Whatever you enter here will be displayed on your outgoing messages Email address – Your full email address Password – The password that corresponds with your email account Click on the Manual config button to edit the server names. 5. Fill in the fields with Read more

Hosting Email Setup on Android Phone or Tablet

POP 3 Instructions These instructions apply to most Samsung Android Phones or Tablets. It should also be similar to other Email applications on other Android Devices. 1. Tap the Email app. 2. Tap the hamburger menu icon. 3. Tap the Email Settings icon (looks like a cog wheel). 4. Tap “Add account”. 5. Tap ADD NEW ACCOUNT button. 6. Type in the email address and password and then tap “MANUAL SETUP“. 7. Select POP3 account type. 8. Type in your own Email address, your Username (your full email address), and your Password.Enter the POP3 server of your domain in the Read more

Getting Free SSL/TLS Certificate from Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt Let’s Encrypt gives people the digital certificates needed to add HTTPS (SSL/TLS) to websites, for free. More info about Let’s Encrypt can be found at https://letsencrypt.org/ Some Nexicom hosting servers support Let’s Encrypt and allow users to add certificates on their own. If Let’s Encrypt is not available on your current Nexicom hosting server and it is required, please contact our Hosting department to arrange a website migration. Note: Server migration can affect email and there could be some downtime. If you are looking for alternate SSL options besides the free Let’s Encrypt, please contact our Hosting department. Read more