Monthly Archives: July 2016

Email Setup in Mail for Windows 10

  Click the button that looks like a gear in the bottom right.     Click on Accounts in the menu that appears on the left side.     Click on the Add Account button.       Click on Other account in the menu that will appear in the middle.     Fill in the fields with the corresponding information: Email address– Your full Nexicom email address Password– The password that corresponds with your email account Click on the Sign-in button.     The program will say that it “couldn’t find info”. Click the Try again button until it changes Read more

Important information for using email outside Canada!

While travelling outside of Canada, we recommend you use Nexicom’s Webmail instead of your regular email client program such as Outlook to send emails. Please use the following steps. Go to Click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner. Under the heading “Web Mail” simply enter your Nexicom email address and password. Please call us at 1-888-639-4266 if you need more details.